Who are Chillumafia ?

Chillumafia are a collective from Poland & India driven by DJs Damon & Yidam. We spin Ambient, Psychill, Dub, Cumbia, Psybreaks, Glitch/Neuro Hop, Psystep, Downtempo, Goa & Psychedelic Techno. Our sound mixes hedonistic grooves from the West and chill beats from the East in a range of styles, bringing remixes, live production and guest musicians together for a deep and driven bass-laden sonic experience.


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Sun In Aquarius !!!


3 track album

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Yes! :) ...

Enig'matik Records bandcamp / new website now back online. 3 New releases added to the discog: ENIG039: Sun in Aquarius - Tales From Atlantis ENIG038: Sun in Aquarius - SMS Part 1 ENIG037: The Cogent Project - Movement & Weakness 2017 Network: Website: www.enigmatikrecs.com Bandcamp: www.enigmatikrecords.bandcamp.com Graphics: Matik. www.matikdesign.com Mastering: Ion Driver Ran by: Sun In Aquarius www.soundcloud.com/suninaquarius We live in the details.

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What critics say

“Monsieur, with this Chillumafia you are really spoiling us.”
Daft Punk
“Chillumafia always and forever.”

Celine Dion
Chillumafia, they’re bigger than my wife’s ass, but not yet as big as my head.
Kanye West

Why Book Us

      • Damon is erotic, Yidam is exotic
      • We appeal to bald and hairy people alike