Who are Chillumafia ?

Chillumafia are a collective from Poland & India driven by DJs Damon & Yidam. We spin Ambient, Psychill, Dub, Cumbia, Psybreaks, Glitch/Neuro Hop, Psystep, Downtempo, Goa & Psychedelic Techno. Our sound mixes hedonistic grooves from the West and chill beats from the East in a range of styles, bringing remixes, live production and guest musicians together for a deep and driven bass-laden sonic experience.


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News and updates

Yidam in Kolkata: ...

FOCAL feat. Yidam

September 23, 2016, 10:00pm - September 23, 2016, 3:30pm

BLACK - The Lounge Bar

BLACK presents FOCAL featuring. Yidam [Cumbia/Tropical House/Bass] on Friday 23rd September 2016 from 10pm - 2am **Beer buckets** - Rs. 1000 AI for 5 beers **Drinks special** - 1:1 on Chivas & Absolut -- After more than a year long hiatus from playing in Kolkata, Yidam is back with a new 4 hour set that blends the music of Latin/South America with House, Dub and modern beat making techniques. The sounds of Digital Cumbia and Tropical House/Bass promise you a journey that takes you flying through most soulful and lush expanses of Columbia, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Ecuador, Brazil and beautiful places beyond. About Yidam: Discovering electronic music in the mid-90s in India, Varun’s habit of compiling and manipulating sounds led to a DJ career under several aliases until he found the name Yidam, a concept synonymous with a meditative approach to music. Gigging extensively in the US, he formed the chillUmafia DJ collective with DJ Damon from Poland in 2005. Later years were spent managing a record label (DBR) and organising events around the country. After his finale stateside gig at Burning Man in 2008, Varun returned to his hometown, Kolkata. Since then his sets and tracks have been heard in Nepal, Poland, Switzerland, Germany & Portugal and his live shows at festivals like Boom (2012) and Goa Dupa (2010/2012). A background in computer engineering has also now led to new projects: 5volts & varundo which involves the use of analog synthesizers, digital sensors & interactive coding to create immersive audio-visual experiences. yidam.com/ -- Produced by: Littlei / culturing imagination / littlei.in/ Promoted by: Duzdozen / promoting deeper shades of house and techno/ www.facebook.com/dusdozen

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Darker sounds from Mindtrick Records:


16 track album

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What critics say

“Monsieur, with this Chillumafia you are really spoiling us.”
Daft Punk
“Chillumafia always and forever.”

Celine Dion
Chillumafia, they’re bigger than my wife’s ass, but not yet as big as my head.
Kanye West

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      • Damon is erotic, Yidam is exotic
      • We appeal to bald and hairy people alike